Our mission as a company and a
website is to showcase adaptive
equipment as well as new and upcoming
products to the handicapped
community for their use. All our sponsor
products are tested to be the top of
the line. We as a company use all of our
sponsor products in the field and at
home. Our sponsor products are made
by everyday people with everyday
jobs that enjoy the outdoors as much as
everyone in our company. We hope
to impact and help the handicapped
community to the best of our abilities
and provide a quick and easy way for
people of that community to find
equipment for the outdoors as well as
the home. If there is anything we can
do as a company to benefit the
handicapped community we will try to
perform those task to the best of our
Mission Statement
Jonathan Melton’s the name, but
everyone calls him Melton. He is a
boy, born and raised. He’s just your
typical country boy who loves to hunt
and fish, and everything in between.  
On his way home from coon huntin’
back in 2007, Melton was in a serious
car accident. It left him paralyzed from
the chest down. But, did that slow him
down? No! You can still find him doing
what he loves most! Handicap
Outdoors was created for people who
disabilities because Melton believes
that just because you have an
it shouldn’t stop you from the things
you love. He developed Handicap
Outdoors and with the help from
partner sites with the same goal, he
wishes to assist any and all with their
outdoor adventures!
Melton's Story